On the verge of something absolutely possible … that is exactly the feeling we have here at the offices of the New Science Journalism (NSJ) Project.

The NSJ Project is an independent science news magazine publishing content from the next generation of science journalists, worldwide.

The initiative was penciled on to paper in 2008 as a result of feverishly fast advances in internet technology, and critical changes in the world around us.

The project aims to use as much internet media technology as possible together with traditional journalism skills, and then bring together as many students from around the world as possible to produce a globally respected online science news magazine.

The role of a journalist in investigating and disseminating scientific information to the mass public is still paramount. What we have done here is leaped forward into a journey of exploring the future of science journalism, science in the Internet media, and the greater public understanding of how the world will communicate and think about science in 10, 20, 50 years time!

Collaboration and community

The NSJ Project is an online community taking on board Web 2.0’s global collaborative capabilities to unite science and media students worldwide.

While some international media are reducing their science news services, it is within the NSJ Mission Statement to provide new opportunities where future media professionals can strategically direct their career into science journalism or science communication.

Reporters for the project can be students of media, science, politics, law, education, engineering, etc, etc, and their news can be independent or collaborative efforts.

While we are encouraging students to use this magazine project to foster and sharpen journalism skills, we also accept news submissions from the general public.

Join the next generation of science media. Write for the NSJ