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Novel nest-building in Japanese pufferfish

29 November, 2013

Take a dip in the warm waters off the subtropical island of Amami-Oshima, due south of mainland Japan, and you may notice an odd, circular sandcastle in the pristine seabed.

Uganda's Otim Jospeh speaking the Global Landscapes Forum in Warsaw yesterday.

Planting trees to prevent rape takes African youth to climate talks in Warsaw

17 November, 2013

I had to stop it from happening to my mother and sisters

Australia's dryland agriculture. A spectacular sight but surely intensive. Credit: Wakx

Landscapes to reboot international climate deals

2 November, 2013

The time has come to put agriculture at the center of U.N. climate talks.

Judith Qeholo collects vegetables from community gardens in remote Solomon Islands. Local farmers are reporting that more and more, pests and diseases are reducing their yields. Copright: Alison Binney, Econnect Communication.

Will we ever be able to grow enough food to feed 9 billion people?

17 October, 2013

Can we grow enough food for 9 billion people without destroying Earth’s forests and accelerating climate change?

The low survival rate of cattle is a problem, not only to the welfare for the animals, but the economy of Australia
Bigeye tuna. Image: Malo Hosken
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