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Legal –Rights and responsibilities of the contributors.
Review process – Submissions will be proofed, checked for veracity, and must be original work by the contributor.
Form of the Submission – File type, size and style considerations.
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  • The contributors must have the right to submit their content.
  • The contributors assign New Science Journalism the right to publish their work.
  • The contributors agree that works supplied to New Science Journalism are free from any exclusivity rights.
  • No other transfer of rights is explicit or implied.

Review process

When a submission is made the following review process is followed:

  • The first thing checked is that the submitted work is credible science reporting and not spam.
  • The submission will be given a first pass proof read and necessary changes referred back to the contributor for acceptance.
  • Changes to style, and additions of extra information such as resource links, will be referred back to the contributor for amending and/or acceptance.
  • The article will be placed as a pending post.
  • A final proof read is undertaken.
  • Article categories and tags can be chosen by the contributor, but can be chosen by NSJ staff if those chosen by the contributor are deemed not appropriate for the article.
  • Comments are moderated

Form of the Submission

  • Our preferred format is directly via the New Science Journalism website.
  • We encourage submissions to include images or illustrations that have all copyright and caption details included.

Articles can have a collection of links to resources on the web that will help readers to acquire any basic knowledge required to properly understand the article. These are known as the Primer Links. The contributors may suggest a list of Primer Links to publish.

Articles can have a collection of Further Reading links. The contributors may suggest a list of Further Reading.

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